The Scrap Happy Quilt

A Modern Scrap Buster Quilt project

You will need: Lots of scraps

Background fabric for grout, background and border, approximately 2 to 4 metres depending on quilt size

Aurifil 50 weight thread for piecing

A new needle: Beissel  Microtex 80/12 is my favourite

Spray stabilizer, cutting mat (rotating mat is ideal), ruler and rotary cutter, wool pressing mat

Let’s get started: two types of blocks

Sort scraps into colour groups, this will make them “happy scraps”

From the background fabric cut 1” wide strips for the grout between the scraps.

Version #1: Stitch grout strips to all 4 sides of a good sized scrap (3-4” rectangle). Finger press the seams towards the grout after each addition. Pic.1

Stitch scraps to all four sides of grout. Trim. Note that the block is trimmed in a wonky manner. Pic.1

Add a second and final row of grout. Stitch fabric scraps to the second row of grout. Pic.2

Trim the block in a wonky manner. Pic.2

Cut the block into quarters, through the center. As you can see, it was a good idea to have started with a larger center, considering that it will be cut into four parts. Pic.3

You now have four quilt blocks.

Cut 1 – 10” square of background fabric for each block. Pic.4

Place a scrappy block onto the middle of a 10” square of background fabric.Pic.5

Note that the 10” square is 1” to 2” larger on all sides of the scrap block. Pic.4

On a rotating cutting mat make four cuts in a counter clockwise manner, edge to edge, along the four sides of the wonky quilt block. Move each strip out of the way after each cut. Pic.5

You will now have four wonky strips of background fabric. Stitch these strips onto the side of the block it was cut along.

The last and smallest strip cut will be the first stitched. The third cut will be stitched second. The second cut will be stitched third and the first cut will be stitched last.

The piece of background fabric underneath the wonky scrap block will be saved for another project. Square up all the blocks to a uniform size.

After trimming each block measures 8” square.

The blocks were laid out in a rainbow manner.

Version #2: Stitch a piece of grout to two scraps. Stitch together and add a 3rd scrap to the side with grout. Make a second unit. Pic.6

Trim to straighten one long side, add grout. Pic7. Stitch the second unit to the grout. Pic.8 Trim this unit in a wonky manner. If it is large, cut it into two pieces.

Place a scrappy block onto the middle of a 10” square of background fabric.Pic.5 (Same as in version 1)

Note that the 10” square is 1” to 2” larger on all sides of the scrap block. Pic.4 (Same as in version 1)

My finished quilt is 5 rows of 5 blocks.  I added a 6 ½” outer border of the same background fabric to create the effect of “floating” scrap blocks. I used Fireside on the back and a pale coloured binding.

This post is copyrighted material and cannot be copied for sharing in any form. Enjoy this article and have fun making this quilt. Please do invite your friends to visit my blog and enjoy the article themselves. Thanks for helping writers, bloggers and teachers thrive!

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