Fat Quarter Fun

Fat Quarter Magic – a Bargello Quilt

You will need:

12 Fat Quarters

You will cut 4 – 5” wide strips from each fat quarter, along the selvage.

You will have four stacks of 12 different fabric strips.

The fabrics must be in the same order in each stack.

Sew all twelve strips together along one long side of the 5” wide strip. You can sort them in a pleasing manner before you start, but, all four stacks must remain in the same order.

¼” seam allowance throughout

Press all seams in the same direction on each strip set. When done you will have four strip sets of 12 joined strips the unit will measure about 18” wide (US) 20” wide (CDN) and 55” long.

Sew each unit into a tube by sewing the long side of strip number one to the long edge of strip number twelve. Press that seam in the same direction as the other seams.  Make a total of four tubes.

Lay one unit on your cutting mat, right side out, smooth and straight. Without too much waste trim one side to square it up. From the square up side cut 2 ½” wide strips for a total of seven strips.( Save the excess for  another project!) Keep in a neat pile. Do the same with three remaining tubes. You have 4 stacks of 7 strip sets.

Working with one stack at a time, lay out the seven strip sets side by side.

At the top of strip #1, designate a fabric as the first fabric.

At the top of strip #2 fold the first fabric in half.

At the top of strip #3 will have the second fabric’s seam at the top.

At the top of strip #4 will have the second fabric folded in half.

At the top of strip #5 will have the third fabrics’ seam at the top.

At the top of strip #6 will have the third fabrics’ folded in half

At the top of strip #7 will have the fourth fabrics’ seam at the top

Continue laying out all the remaining strips sets side by side #8, #9 through #28.

Use painter’s tape to number the strips 1 – 28.

Cut open strip #1 at the top, along the stitching (do not open the seam)

Cut open strip #2 along the fold (the middle of the first fabric)

Cut open strip #3 along the seam between the first and second fabric, continue to cut the strips open of all the remaining strips

Sew all 28 strips together making sure that the seams of one strip is centered in the middle of the rectangle beside it. Use a few pins, start pinning from the end of the seam. This way you will end with the seams even.

Add a narrow inner border (1.5″ cut)and an outer border (5″ cut) You are done. Now quilt it!

Baby Quilt – 5 Fat Quarters – Lay the 5 fat quarters on top of each other, selvages even. Trim off selvages.

Cut into 2.5” strips along the selvage edge. You will have stacks of five different fabric, 2.5” wide by 19.5”.

Make 8 stacks.

From 7 stacks of five different fabrics cut:

1 – 2.5”x2.5”

2 – 4.5”x2.5”

1 – 6.5”x 2.5”

You will have one stack remaining. From this stack you will cut extra 2.5”x 2.5” squares as needed.

Don’t cut the whole pile into 2.5” squares immediately, in case you make a mistake later and require a larger piece.

Sort all cut pieces into piles of 2.5” squares, 4.5” rectangles and 6.5” rectangles. Keep families together, don’t mix up.

You will have five piles of 2.5” squares, five piles of 4.5” pieces and five piles 6.5” pieces

Select a square of one print and stitch a 2.5” (different) piece to one side. Add a 4.5” piece to both long sides.  Add a 6.5” piece to the remaining side. You will have a different fabric in the center, with another (different) fabric all the way around to create a “Once around the Square” Block. You will make 35 blocks. Place the 35 blocks in seven rows of five across, random or in diagonal rows sorted by colour, as you please.

Fat Quarter Grocery Bag

Two fat quarters. Trim both fat quarters to same size, about 18” wide and 20” tall.

Use the “French Seam” method to clean finish the side seams and bottom seam the same way as for the Easy Pillowcase.

Make two straps. I used 2-4” wide strips, pressed in half, wrong sides together. Next, open up the fold and press, towards center, 1” along both sides. The two long raw edges will meet at center. Press along the center fold again. You will have two 1” wide straps.

Top stitch with “Straight Stretch Stitch” set at a length of 3.5 – 4mm. Cut straps to your desired length, baste to raw edge at top of bag. Press to wrong side ¼” and another 1” to 1.5” Top stitch with same stitch as for straps.

Miter bottom corners of bag if desired.


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