Charming Snowball Quilt

The real fun began after I made the Snowball Quilt.

After making the Snowball quilts I was left with 168 half-square-triangles, each cut from the four corners of the Snowball blocks. From these little itty bitty HST I made a fun table runner. I’ll describe the steps below.

Snowball Quilt – 36″ x 41″ Seven Rows of six blocks
Kaffe Fassett 5″ Charm Pack and Northcott’s Dublin for background

You will need:

1 Charm Pack: 42 – 5″ squares for the corners

Cut the charms in quarters to make 168 – 2.5″ squares

42 – 6.5″ squares for background (1.5 metres) You need another 1.5m for the tablerunner below

Short stitch length : 2.0mm

Draw a diagonal line through center of all 168 – 2.5″ squares

Stitch these to all four corners of 42 – 6.5″ of background fabric squares

I recommend that you draw a diagonal line for accuracy

The second row of stitching is about 3/8″ away from the first row of stitching. You can eyeball it, mark a line or use the edge of the presser foot butted up to the first row of stitching.

Optional: use the NEW Grid gripper sheet. It has guidelines for diagonal sewing. It sticks to the bed of your sewing machine Check it out in our shop under the Store – Notions tab.

Trim off all four corners of the Snowball blocks by cutting along the center of the two rows stitching. Press and assemble the Snowball quilt blocks.

This picture shows all the steps to make a Snowball block & the smaller blocks made with the cut off corners

Snowball Quilt Crumbs Table Runner 18″ x 64″

You now have a pile of 168 half square triangles leftover. Press the mini blocks open, pressing half of the seam to the print fabric and half to the background fabric. Stitch the HST into pairs, making sure to use two with opposite-pressed seams You now have 84 blocks. Join a few units to make various length units. I made four units.

Next add a strip of background fabric between rows to increase width and separate the triangles from touching each other. Have fun, there are many possibilities, not just quilts……

Snowball Quilt #2

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