A Ten Fat Quarter Quilt

Cut all ten fat quarters into 9″ squares (this is the largest, safest size as fat quarters may be irregular)

This project can also be made with 10″ Charm Squares.

Step one: Select five coordinating print fabrics and five contrasting fat quarters. Sort the ten fat quarters into pairs, one light, one dark.

Step two: Cut one pair of fat quarters at a time, into 9 inch squares. You will have four dark, four light.

Step three: Place on 9″ x 9″ pair on your rotating cutting mat. Cut a 2″ wide strip off on one side.

Step four: Rotate the cutting mat a 1/4 turn, move the first strip aside and cut a 2″ strip from side two.

Step five: Rotate the cutting mat a 1/4 turn, move the second strip aside and cut a 2″ wide strip from side three.

Step six: Rotate the cutting mat a 1/4 turn, move the third strip aside and cut a 2″ wide strip from side four.

Step seven: Continue to cut and rotate until you have a 3″ square remaining.

Step eight: Cut all pair of 9″ x 9″ squares in this manner. Do not mix. Keep each pair of cut blocks together, by using a “Clever Clip”

Step nine: Set up your sewing machine with a 1/4″ foot and a new Microtex size 80/12 needle. You cut the blocks from the outside in and now you will sew the blocks together from the middle to the outside.

Place a light 2″ x 3″ strip on the dark 3″ square and stitch a 1/4″ seam on one side. Do the same with the dark 2″ x 3″ strip and the light 3″ square. Finger press. Follow the pictures above and sew the same fabric, 5″ strip to the adjacent side.

Add the second and third rows always alternating light and dark after each row. Note in the pictures above that the strips extend 1/2″ on two side of the block onlys. Add each additional strip starting from the same corner. This will assure that the 1/2″ extensions, to be trimmed, will only be on two sides.

One fat quarter yields four blocks, ten fat quarters will yield 40 blocks. More fat quarter, more blocks. When my quilt is finished, I will post the picture here. Have fun!


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