Once Around the Block


A 52” x 70” Sized Quilt

Once Around the Block


Supply List:

1 package Charm Squares – 5” squares, 40 pieces (you will need 39)

1 Jelly Roll – 2 ½” strips, 40 pieces

.30 metre for inner border

.50 metre for binding

1.5 metres of 90” (230cm) or wider fabric for back


3 metres of 45” (115cm) fabric for back

60” x 80” piece cotton batting



All seams are ¼” unless otherwise stated.

Trim all the BATIK charm squares into 5” squares. They may be slightly larger or irregular.

Set aside four 5” squares for the outer border corners


  1. Stitch a 2 ½” BATIK strip to one side of a 5” square. Press seams toward the strip & trim excess strip.
  2. Using the same strip, stitch to the second side. Press the seam towards the strip and trim excess.
  3. Using the same strip and stitch to the third side. Press the seam towards the strip and trim excess.
  4. Using the same strip and stitch to the fourth, last side. Press the seam towards the strip and trim excess.

Put aside the “excess” for the Piano Key Border

  1. Continue in this manner until you have stitched a strip to all four sides of each of the 35 – 5” blocks. You will now have 35 – 9” blocks. If your blocks are slightly larger or smaller, that is not a problem, as long as they are all square & same size. Trim all 35 blocks to the same size.
  2. Layout the 35 blocks, 5 across and 7 down. Move them around until you are satisfied that the colours are evenly distributed.
  3. Construct 7 rows of five blocks
  4. Join the 7 rows.
  5. Add the inner border: Cut 6 – 1 ½” wide strips from the inner border fabric. Sew the inner border strip to the short sides first (top & bottom), long sides second.

Press seams to the inner border strip.

  1. Make the Outer “Piano Key” Border: Sew the remaining 2 ½” BATIK strips together along their long sides. Cut these strip units into 5” wide strips
  2. Join enough “Piano Keys” together to make four border strips:

There are 31 “keys” in the 70” sides of the quilt and 22 “keys” in the 54” sides of the quilt.

Stitch a “31 key” border unit to both long sides of the quilt top first.


Tip: If the “31 key or the 22 key” border units are not the same measurement as the top, bottom or sides of the quilt top, open some of the seams between the keys and sew them again using a smaller or larger seam allowance.


  1. Stitch a 5” charm square to each end of both the “22 key” border unit. These 5” squares will be the border cornerstones. Press the border seams towards the borders.
  2. Optional: Purchase a batik fabric for the border instead of using the remaining 2 ½” strips
  3. Machine or Hand Quilt as desired.
  4. The binding is made from 6 – 2 ½” wide strips.

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