Easy Bargello Table Runner

This is a very easy table runner to make. The accompanying pictures take you step by step through the cutting and sewing process.

You will need:

6 – 5” wide strips wof – one of six different fabrics (wof= wide of fabric, cut selvage to selvage, measures approx. 42″ in length)

4 – 2 1/2″ wide strips (wof) for binding, set aside

Let’s get started:

Cut each 5″ wide strip in half along the fold, into 2 strips approx. 21″ in length

You will have 2 strips of 6 different fabrics.

Place the strips in order: 1 – 6 and repeat 1 – 6, for a total of 12 strips side by side

Let’s start to sew:  Use ¼” seam allowance throughoutBargello1

Sew all twelve strips together along one long side of the 5” wide strip. You can sort them in a pleasing manner before you start, the 12 strips must remain in the same order.

Press all seams in the same direction. When done you will have one strip set of 12 joined strips the unit will measure about 21” wide and 55” long.

Sew the unit into a tube by sewing the long side of strip number one to the long edge of strip number twelve. Press that seam in the same direction as the other seams.


Lay the strip tube on your cutting mat, right side out, smooth and straight. Without too much waste, trim one side with raw edges, to square it up. Starting at the squared up side, cut 8 – 2 ½” wide strips for a total of eight strips.Bargello2

Lay out the eight strip sets side by side. They are still in a tube.

At the top of strip-tube #1, designate a fabric as the first fabric.

At the top of strip-tube #2 fold the first fabric in half.

At the top of strip-tube #3 will have the second fabric’s seam at the top.

At the top of strip-tube #4 will have the second fabric folded in half.

At the top of strip-tube #5 will have the third fabric’s seam at the top.Bargello3

At the top of strip-tube #6 will have the third fabric folded in half

At the top of strip-tube #7 will have the fourth fabric’s seam at the top

At the top of strip-tube #8 will have the fourth fabric folded in half

Tip: Use painter’s tape to number the strips

Cut open strip #1 at the top along the seam (do not open the seam)

Cut open strip #2 along the fold (the middle of the first fabric)

Cut open strip #3 along the seam between the first and second fabric, do this with all eight strip sets.

You will notice that the strip with the “cut seam” snuggles up to the “cut fold” of the strip next to it.Bargello4

No need to pin. However I used 2-3 pins at the end of each seam. This allowed me to ease seams to match before I arrived at the end of the seam with the sewing machine.

Sew the 8 strips into pairs, making sure that the seams of one strip is centered in the middle of the rectangle beside it. Sew the pairs together until you have all eight strips sewn together. Voila!                                                                                   Quilt and bind your table runner as desired


Warning: Making multiples of this table runner in the same fabrics may result in a larger than expected quilt. Add borders to fit any size bed!

Copyright Carola’s Quilt Shop & Thread Company All rights reserved 2016

Use for your own personal enjoyment, do not copy or duplicate in any form. Send your friends here to download their own copy. Enjoy! Carola




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